Library Special Hours Feb. 3rd & 4th

Library Special Schedule Feb. 3rd & 4th:  Dangerously cold weather is expected this weekend, especially on Friday night and early Saturday: -18 degrees Friday night (real temperature) and wind chills down to -50 degrees (!!) through Saturday.  For the safety of our patrons, the Library will open and close early on Friday, and be closed on Saturday.  Here is the schedule for this week:

Wed. 2/1:       regular schedule: 12 – 3

Thurs. 2/2:     regular schedule: 10-1

Fri. 2/3:          special hours:  12 – 4

Sat. 2/4:         CLOSED

The weather service advises that you avoid the outdoors during this period.  With temperatures and windchill this severe, frostbite can occur in a matter of minutes.  Stay warm and stay safe!