Wednesday May 26th : New Mask Rules

On Wednesday the Library will begin following the changed mask guidelines from Gov. Mills and the CDC (see poster below). Library staff Cathy FitzGerald (Wednesdays) and Monica Czerniawski (Saturdays) are both fully vaccinated, but will choose whether or not to wear masks depending on situation and/or comfort level.

Covid Vaccinations: Pre-registration Now Available

Mainers age 50 and over are now eligible for Covid-19 vaccinations. Beginning April 19th, everyone 16 and over will be eligible. However, many people have been having trouble registering for an appointment. Maine has opened up a new website,, where you can pre-register for an appointment, get a personal access code, and you will be notified when slots become available. For people who do not have access to a computer, or have difficulty with online registration, there is also a community vaccination helpline: 1-888-445-4111.You can view all the latest information, including a list of vaccination sites statewide, here: few tips: when registering for an appointment online, be prepared to wait 15 or 20 minutes. Don’t sign off, even if it appears that nothing is happening on the screen – you will lose your place in the queue. Have your insurance and healthcare information ready; the faster you can enter the information, the more likely you are to get a slot. Remember that you can sign up at any location in Maine. I received both shots at Bangor (Cross Center) because there were far more slots available (and none in Ellsworth at the time). Friends have also received shots at Walmart, Walgreens, Blue Hill Hospital, and other sites, so look for a location that is manageable for you. The whole process takes about 30 minutes, including a 15-minute post-vaccination waiting time to make sure you are not having an adverse reaction. Quick, easy, incredibly well-organized.

Reminder: Giant Stocking Raffle at Library – Wed. 12/16

Don’t miss your chance to win the huge handmade stocking filled with more than 60 items! Tickets are $3.00 each. Purchase at the Library (Sat. 10-1, Wed. 12-3) or by sending a check made out to Franklin Library / P.O. Box 202 / Franklin ME 04634 (or by dropping it in the Library Book Return slot). Please indicate how many tickets you want to buy. All tickets must be purchased before 3 p.m. on Wed., when we will draw the winning ticket.

Stocking Raffle: Drawing on Wed. 12/16

Here are pictures of the completed handmade stocking (and yes, it is almost as big as a door). Tickets are $3.00 each, buy as many as you want. Purchase at the Library (Wed. 12-3, Sat. 10-1) or send a check made out to Franklin Library / P.O. Box 202, Franklin ME 04634. Please attach a note to the check indicating how many tickets you wish to buy.

Franklin Library Giant Christmas Stocking Raffle

Unfortunately we will not be able to hold our annual Christmas party this year. However, as we did last year we will offer a giant (over 4 ft. tall) handmade Christmas stocking for raffle. Below is a partial list of gifts included. Tickets are $3.00 each – you can purchase them by dropping by the Library on Wed. (12-3) or Sat. (10-1), or by sending a check to Franklin Library, P.O. Box 202, Franklin ME 04634. Please attach a note to your check indicating how many tickets you want to buy. Drawing will be held on Wed. Dec. 16th.

Saturday, Oct. 3rd: Library will be closed for building maintenance work

The Franklin Library will be closed on Saturday Oct. 3rd because of scheduled building maintenance work.  We will reopen for regular hours on Wednesday Oct. 7 (12 – 3).  If you can’t wait until Wednesday for great reading and dvd watching, send us an e-mail at with the items you want; we can arrange for you to pick them up beginning on Sunday Oct. 4th.  Remember, we always offer the “curbside” option (or should we call it “porchside”, because that is where we leave them) – just send us an e-mail.  Don’t know what to read or watch next?  Take a look at our online catalog: