Because of Coronavirus concerns the Franklin Library will be closed to the public beginning Tuesday, March 17 through Saturday, March 28.

However, we want to maintain patron access to materials, so we are keeping open our front porch (Main St. entrance) daily from 10:00 – 5:00.  Patrons may request books and other materials (see our online catalog at: by sending me an e-mail at Please include author/title, any other identifying information or any questions you have.  I will pull the material from the shelves and put it on the porch by 10:00 a.m. on the day following receipt of your request. The material will be labelled with the last four digits of your patron’s barcode id (on the back of your library card).

If you don’t know your barcode id, just e-mail me and I will send it to you.  If you have limited access to the internet, call and leave a message at 565-5054 or come to the Library and leave a note with your requests on the front porch table. If you cannot travel and need materials delivered to your home, let me know and we will try to arrange it.

You can continue to use our free WiFi (Network = Library, No password required).

You can also purchase books and other materials, prices .50 to $2.00 each.

Finally, you can return materials at any time by using the book drop slot to the left of our Winter Rd. entrance.

For updated information, see: or Facebook: FranklinLibrary

Thank you for your cooperation. We hope we can make this health emergency a little more bearable, but still keep our community safe.      Cathy FitzGerald, Library Director


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